• Drafting of 65 scientific support documents (advisory work) to REN focuses on Environmental Impact Assessments, Monitoring, Mitigation, and Environmental Compensation context. These documents covered different life cycle stages of the assets of REN, including planning, design, construction, and maintenance phase;

  • Publication of 71 scientific articles on international journals;

  • Participation on 17 scientific congresses;

  • Academic human resources training: 17 involved researchers, including 7 doctoral and pre-doctoral grants, 3 undergraduate students, 1 master student, 1 FCT researcher;

  • Support and participation on biodiversity conservation initiatives developed by REN, with the highlight on projects/applications LIFE “RUPIS Egyptian Vulture and Bonelli’s Eagle Conservation in Douro/Duero Canyon”, LIFE “LINES – Linear infrastructures grid with ecological solutions”, LIFE “Green Connect – Green infrastructures to improve biodiversity and ecosystem services”, and LIFE “Grid4Life – For a management policy promoting European green infrastructures and biodiversity under power lines”;

  • Participation on CIGRE grid activities (International Council of Large Electric Systems), particularly with groups C3.16 – Interactions between electrical infrastructure and wildlife; and C3.20 – Sustainable Development Goals in the Electric Power Sector;

  • Collaboration with REN in connecting with relevant entities in environmental impact assessment, such as APA and ICNF, including contributes for the review of the “Support Manual of projects analyses related to the installation of aerial distribution and transmission power lines – Avifauna Component (ICNB 2010)”;

  • Co-organization (with REN) on 3 REN Chair for Biodiversity symposiums;

  • Development of citizen science initiatives about white-storks nidification productivity on pylons (count of the number of chicks), organized by 2 CIBIO Chairs associated with energy infrastructures (REN and EDP);

  • Drafting of the “Impact monitoring manual for energy transport power lines on avifauna and evaluation of mitigation measures”;

  • Carrying out knowledge transfer and internal training activities for company executives;

  • Support on REN application for “Best Practices of the Year Award da Renewable Grids Initiative” (https://renewables-grid.eu/). This initiative was selected by the members of the competition jury as one of the best practices in the “Environmental Protection” component in 2019;

  • 920 000€ additional leveraged with the investment of the REN Chain in Biodiversity, raised through initiatives by researchers integrated into the activities of the REN Chair in Biodiversity.