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Advantages: Sobre


  • Improvement of adopted procedures in the scope of implementation of mitigation and compensatory measures of negative impacts (as well as their respective monitoring), to promote a more efficient use of resources and to enhance cost-benefit relations;

  • Potentiate management actions delivering positive impacts on biodiversity;

  • Clarification of Environmental Impact Assessment procedures to apply;

  • Identification of sensitive areas in the planning of new transmission power lines, as well as identification of susceptible bird species on the implementation stage of the project;

  • Contribution for bird-related outages mitigation, as predicting the use of pylons by nesting birds (white storks in particular);

  • Establishment of management standards on rights-of-way of transmission lines and gas ducts to mitigate negative impacts and maximize positive impacts on biodiversity;

  • Pursuance of environmental and social responsibility policies by the company;

  • Promotion and training of REN staff and collaborators and benchmarking.


  • Scientific advances on the study of electric power line impacts on biodiversity;

  • Strengthening of the research team (through contracts and research grants);

  • Equipment acquisition (i.e. satellite transmitters);

  • Increase the visibility of the research centre on business and social environments.

Advantages: Recursos
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